The Snowy Range is one of the biggest attractions throughout Wyoming. With plenty to see and do throughout not only the winter months but also the summer months; it has been a long-standing attraction in the state and the city. Snowy Range lodging is also plentiful for those that wish to stay right on the slopes, enjoy their time there and not have to worry about driving or shuttles to get back and forth to the mountains. With plenty to do, now you have to find a place to stay.

On the Mountain

If you’re searching for a way to stay right by the excitement and attractions of the slopes, then choosing on the mountain Snowy Range lodging options is the way to go. Find some of the most comfortable, affordable and beautiful places to stay. Each is just a short couple of minutes’ walk to the slopes themselves.

The Mountain Meadow Cabins are one of the biggest attractions on this mountain. Not only do they provide private accommodations right next to the mountain, but you’re able to enjoy more out of the time you spend within the area. With beautiful views, plenty to do and of course, the chance to have privacy, these cabins are chosen over many rooms offered.

The lodge provides rooms to those guests that want to stay in a more hotel-like atmosphere. With the large game room, common areas and of course, cafes where you can grab drinks and a bite to eat; there is plenty offered within the lodge itself. However, these rooms are limited and must be booked in advance since there are only so many of them offered to the guests that come to stay in Snowy Range lodging options on the mountain.

Off the Mountain

Want something that is further away from the hustle and bustle that comes with the mountain? How about Snowy Range lodging that suits yours and your family’s needs? With many welcoming choices to go with, all within minutes of the mountain, you’re able to sleep in comfort.

The Mountain View Historic Hotel is not only a place to lay your head but provides one of the most delicious cafes throughout the entire city. With an old western vibe, this hotel is one of the most fun places you can stay within the area and offers some of the best hospitality that you’ll be able to find. It is also affordable, comfortable and clean.

The Old Corral Hotel and Steakhouse welcomes one and all that want to rent a room, but also try a bite to eat at their restaurant. Yet another old western styled place to lay your head, they also boast a game room that the kids that come to stay enjoy. The property is also large, so you’re able to walk around and take in the impressive views. One of the most affordable in the area, it is a budget saver for those that want a comfortable, quiet place to stay while on vacation.