Tucked away in the Tetons in Alta, Grand Targhee provides a little something for everyone that wants to head out, stay and ski. With a beautiful slope side, everyone is able to enjoy a bit more out of the vacation that they plan in the Wyoming area. With multiple lodging options, you and your family can sleep in comfort and enjoy all of the amenities that each one offers to their guests. Offering everything you need for your next vacation getaway, including Grand Targhee lodging choices.

On the Mountain

With many choices right on the mountain, you do not need to look anywhere further to get the comfortable accommodations that you’re after. Choose slope side accommodations that are right next to the slopes of the mountain, allowing you to get there within a few minutes of walking. Stay in beautiful rooms that are complete with everything you need.

Of course, if you want something a bit further, but still on the mountain area then consider some of the townhomes, condos and other vacation properties available. Each of these choices provides you and your family with a way to stay and play, while also having a comfortable, private atmosphere. Each of these has everything you’d need for a week or even a short weekend with the mountain. Much like your own private apartment, they can be rented during your stay and you can use them to your advantage. However, they do ask that you bring your own linens and food.

The Targhee Lodge is an ideal place to stay right on the mountain. Renting rooms as needed, with affordable rates; you can ensure that you’re provided with all of the luxuries that the resort has to offer. Complimentary Wi-Fi connections, restaurants, lounge areas and other perks await you.

Off the Mountain

Some enjoy staying off the mountain for more affordable rates, comfortable rooms and extra amenities that each hotel might offer. While searching for Grand Targhee lodging choices, these might be more ideal for you and your family.

The Teton Teepee Lodge is set up with a 70’s vibe to it. It provides you with everything you could possibly want. One of the biggest attractions for many teenagers that are coming to hit the slopes is this lodge that provides them with even more fun, excitement, and that retro feeling they’re not able to get from the other hotels or lodging accommodations in the area. Since it is popular with teenagers, it is also a place that many families choose not to stay when they want downtime inside their rooms.

Best Western is one of the most popular, more affordable Grand Targhee lodges in the area. Not only does it provide a family friendly atmosphere, but they have a small cafe, as well as a lounge area for you to make use of during your stay. Right next to town, you can explore more of what the area has to offer, including the use of the mountain and slopes minutes away.