Ski vacations are a great way to spend your winter getting away from it all. However, as years have gone by, they have become increasingly expensive, leading most skiers scrambling to find ways that they can save money. Renting your gear is a great way to cut costs. After all, with so many places offering demo packages, it’s a great way to crush it on this year’s equipment at only a fraction of the cost. And don’t think that the savings stop when you decide to rent. There’s another couple of ways you can save even more money on your Snowy Range ski rentals.

Renting on the Cheap

If you want to save even more money on your Snowy Range ski rentals, you’ve got to remember the number one rule of vacationing. Never pay the walkup price anywhere. There are always discounts, coupons, or specials to be found if you know where to look. And where you should be looking is with us. With our help, we can save you up to an additional 20 percent off your Snowy Range ski rentals. We have forged relationships with the resort and ski rental shops so you know you’re getting the best deal you can.

Another way you can save some cash is by renting your gear offsite. Sure, you’re then stuck with carrying your skis, boots, and poles to the resort, but in most cases, the money you save is more than worth the little hassle. After all, sometimes you forget things, which means you didn’t reserve your gear. Don’t worry, with our help, you can still save big. Consider this: your basic Snowy Range ski rentals have a walkup rate of $23 per day. This is a decent rate, however, if you travel just a little bit, you’ll hit Laramie, where Westgate Sports will rent you an equivalent package for only $21 per day. That’s not a lot, until you factor in their rent two, get one free, where three days only costs $42. That means that over a week, you’re going to save about $50 per person. That’s not too shabby for a last minute deal.

Don’t Forget Your Head

Here’s the thing. Helmets are important. We don’t just say that for reasons, we actually believe it. But when you’re running around getting your gear, it can be easy to overlook. That’s because helmets aren’t included in most rental packages. The main reason for this is because a lot of skiers have made the choice to buy their own helmets. Helmets are small, easily pack inside your luggage, and for a nominal up front purchase, will save you money in the long run.

A brand new helmet runs about $150 at most shops. Some are more expensive, some are cheaper, but that’s about the average. A helmet rental at most shops and resorts is $10 per day. So, it’s easy to see how it pays off in the long run. Unlike skis or boots, which can change drastically from one season to the next, a helmet is basically there to protect your brain pan. There’s not a lot of high tech that will change. In the end, whether you choose to rent or buy one, remember your helmet. It can save your life.

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