Jackson Hole is one of the best places in Wyoming to take a skiing vacation. However, like all vacations, it can get pricey. When you factor in the cost of travel, lodging, lift tickets, and gear, it’s no wonder that money smart skiers are looking for ways to cut costs. One way they’re doing this is by choosing to rent their ski equipment rather than buy it. This not only cuts the costs of purchasing gear, it also saves the money that the airline charges for traveling with skis. Here are some ways to save on your Jackson Hole ski rentals.

Saving Money on Rentals

By far, the best way to ensure you save money on your Jackson Hole ski rentals is to make your reservation as early as possible. When you know you’re going skiing, check with us. We have multiple relationships with the resort and ski rental shops, so we can help you save money. In fact with our help, you can save up to 20 percent on all your gear rentals. Don’t forget that by reserving online, you won’t just save money, you’ll also save time. Get to the resort or shop, grab your gear and hit the slopes.

If you haven’t reserved your gear in advance, don’t fret. There are other ways you can save money. Just don’t make the mistake of paying the walk up rate for your Jackson Hole ski rentals. Every shop in Teton Village is going to charge you $44.50 per day. They’re counting on you staying in the resort and paying the resort prices to get out onto the slopes. However, if you’re willing to take a small detour on your way to Jackson Hole, you can save big. About 15 minutes south of the Jackson Hole Airport is Jackson. Sports Authority on West Broadway offers an adult ski package for $20 per day. That’s almost $200 per week per person that you can save by going a few minutes out of your way.

Notes About Going Off Piste

One of the key attractions at Jackson Hole is the off-piste skiing available. While we cannot advise you to undertake this, and you should know that going out of bounds is entirely at your own risk, there is no denying that hundreds of people explore Cody and other backwoods peaks every year. If you plan on exploring and skiing make sure you take the proper safety precautions.

The first thing of course, is a helmet. Helmets aren’t usually a part of any standard ski rental package and the Jackson Hole ski rentals are no exception. If you don’t own your own helmet, make sure you rent one. The usual price for a helmet rental is $10 per day. You may consider buying your own as well. New helmets run about $150 on average. It’s a small price to pay to protect your noggin.

The other piece of vital gear you need if you’re going out of bounds is an avalanche safety kit. A basic kit will include a probe, an avalanche beacon or transceiver, and a shovel. More elaborate kits will also include an inflation device on your back that will keep you near the surface of an avalanche. It is extremely important that you practice using your transceiver. The beacons differ in their operation and the worst time to try to figure one out is when you’re buried under snow. Again, if you’re going back country skiing, you’ll be out of the normal ski patrol area, so having your kit is essential.

Top Companies for Wyoming Ski Rentals

JH Skis

Sports Authority at Jackson

Teton Mountaineering