Hogadon is a small, uncrowded resort located in the Casper ski area. Free of lift lines, Hogadon is a great place for skiers and snowboarders of all experience levels to hit the slopes. But before doing that, you’ve got to decide whether to buy or rent equipment. Of those two options, renting is much more frugal and can save hundreds of dollars. Between resort and travel costs, choosing Hogadon ski rentals can be a big budget saver. Of course, there are more ways to save than that. Here are some tips for scoring the best Hogadon ski rentals.

Ski Packages for Less

The number one thing to remember when browsing Hogadon ski rentals is that the earlier you plan your trip, the more money you’ll save. As soon as you know when you’re going to hit the slopes, check with us for the best, most current deals on rental gear. We can help you reserve rentals online and alleviate the rush of finding rentals the day of your trip. Even better, reserving rentals online helps you avoid the usually inflated cost of the resort window rate.

Another option for saving money is to check out off-site rentals. Local shops often rent excellent gear for a lower price than you’ll find at the resort. At Hogadon, an Adult Ski or Snowboard package is priced at $22 for a full day. At Sports Lure in Buffalo, adult packages are not cheaper, but children’s are. The Sports Lure offers a Jr. Alpine package (10 years & under) for $15 and a Child’s Alpine Package for $10 – both of which are cheaper than Hogadon’s $18 Full Day 12 & Under Ski Package. Depending on your needs, either place could be a solid option for grabbing Hogadon ski rentals.

Things to Keep in Mind

Gear offered at off-site shops is often very comparable, in terms of quality, to what’s available at a ski resort. At Hogadon and The Sports Lure, Alpine, Demo, and Nordic ski packages are all available. So although the amount of places to price compare are very slim, the available selection and costs are definitely similar.

When choosing Hogadon ski rentals, be sure to spend some time picking great boots. Boots can make or break your ski experience, so don’t be afraid to ask questions and try a few different pairs on. In addition to great boots, wearing the right socks is imperative. Make sure to wear either synthetic or merino wool, and steer clear of cotton. Last, make sure to either rent or purchase a helmet. For frequent skiers and snowboarders, a helmet purchase can save a lot of money.

The following is a list of ski rental shops near Hogadon:

Hogadon Mountain Sports: http://www.hogadon.net/rental_rates/

The Sports Lure: http://www.sportslure.com/services-and-rentals/winter-rental-rates/