No matter where you choose to ski in Wyoming, the resort is going to have equipment for you to rent. However, you should realize that resort rental prices are the absolute maximum that you will pay. Before you pay these prices, there are some things to keep in mind that will help you save money.

Saving Money on Equipment in Wyoming

It should come as no surprise that the easiest way to save money on Wyoming ski rentals is to do it ahead of time. Like anything vacation-related, be it airline tickets or hotel rooms, waiting until the last minute all but guarantees you will pay the maximum price allowable. Try to book your equipment online at least two weeks in advance. Let us help you with this, and we can usually snag you up to a 20 percent discount. Additionally, by letting us help you, you can see the best deals for your resort. Reserve them online and then zip by the rental shop to pick them up. No waiting in the resort rental line to get gear; just head directly to the slopes.

After all, if you’re renting from the resort, you know that you’re going to pay the highest price possible. That extra money is for the convenience of not having to stop out of your way to pick up gear and return it. But let’s compare a typical resort. Jackson Hole offers Sport Ski Packages for $44.50 at the counter. This includes skis, boots, and poles. In nearby Jackson, where most people fly into, JH Skis offers a beginners package for only $40 per day. Door 2 Door Skis offers a similar package for only $33.56 when you book online in advance. The savings per day may be small, but they add up over time.

Equipment at the Resorts vs the Rental Shops

You may wonder how the rental shops can afford to rent equipment for so much less. Is the equipment not as good as that found at the resorts? Not at all. If you aren’t an expert skier, you’re probably not going to notice the performance difference between a pair of Nordica NXT’s and a set of Atomic Nomads. You’re going to be too busy skiing and having a great time.

Another expense of renting that is often overlooked is helmet rentals. A standard daily rental fee for a helmet is $10. New quality helmets run between $80 and $100. In other words, if you’re going to go skiing more than ten days in your life, consider purchasing your own helmet. Additionally, you won’t be wearing a helmet that has crowned a hundred sweaty heads before you, even if it has been treated.

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